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Sure, you pay for the unlimited food and drinks. And for an awesome venue and DJ!

But, the true value lies in the fact that hundreds of people from the same industry will be in that venue. At the same time. For 8 hours!

That’s where most of the value of traditional conferences is. If they would offer you to listen to presentations all day, but there would be no one else in the room, you or your boss would obviously not pay €1.000 right?

The value lies in making new connections. And strengthening existing ones with people you haven’t spoken to in a while. Or people you only met online till now.

The value lies in what comes out of this later: a new job, project, client, or partner. You might even meet your future husband or wife during one of our events!

Because we make like-minded people come together. In the same room, at the same time. That is all we do 😃

So, let’s meet in #London and/or #Amsterdam in the coming months!